Summary of EAM Tools

The CMMS service at CERN supports members of the Organization in Asset and Maintenance Management activities. The support includes a set of IT tools (user interfaces) as well as implementation, methodology and training in order to allow groups and projects to efficiently use these tools.​

The EAM system is the central repository for physical assets at CERN and is used via a number of different user interfaces. While the majority of people involved in maintenance activities at CERN are using the Infor EAM or EAM Light user interfaces, others are using TREC or MTF that also are simplified web interfaces created for specific tasks on top of Infor EAM. There is, in other words, one single database with multiple user interfaces.

This means that if you have been using MTF for the manufacturing or installation follow-up in your project, your equipment is ready to be maintained with Infor EAM. It also means that if you are an Infor EAM user, you can right away use TREC for radioactive traceability purposes.