MTF stands for Equipment Management Folder, formerly Manufacturing and Test Folder. MTF (also known as Traveller) started as a project to follow-up the manufacturing process of LHC dipoles' cold masses.

Then it extended to other LHC activity domains and now it is used by many CERN groups to follow the manufacturing workflow of different types of equipment and to hold all relevant technical data about a piece of equipment.

Most of its functionality is already implemented in other EAM tools, so MTF is slowly being replaced by EAM Light and Equipment Generator and it will eventually become a read-only interface to navigate on EAM data. 


MTF User Interface


How to Use It

In the image below, it is possible to see the interface of MTF for an Equipment.


MTF User Interface Equipment


Additionally, for the Manufacturing Workflow, the interface to be encountered in MTF is displayed below. This contains an Equipment Tree Navigator and a list of Jobs in its Manufacturing Workflow.


MTF User Interface Workflow