Spare Part Management

This Training Course Module allows its users to recall of the previously learned concepts, and understand new concepts of Asset Management such as Spare Part Workflows. These Spare Part Workflows are then demonstrated and practiced. This course includes topics such as:

  • Spare part concepts;
  • Spare part workflow - issue, return;
  • Registering spare parts;
  • Enhancing part information by the means of documents, suppliers, manufacturers, SCEM code, procurement code, dimensions;
  • Ordering spare parts - DAIs, MAGs;
  • Repair processes;
  • Spare part reception;
  • Internal and external repair workflow;
  • Spare part analysis - associated parts, where used, usage report , part grids;
  • Cost aggregation.



After attending this course, the user will be able to:

  • Understanding logistics concepts that are used and applied in the CERN context
  • Learn to apply spare part processes using CERN's asset and maintenance management tools