EAM Barcode Printing

The barcoding interface allows to print standard and customized labels based on the EAM data of equipment, position, systems, parts and bins to networked label printers. The list of available printers and templates are configured on the EAM user group level.

The service provides a large selection of templates with QR and Code128 barcodes in different sizes. Customized templates are also possible. Some size and material combinations are standardized and certified.

For developers, we offer webservices access for this functionality. 


EAM Barcode Printing Main Page


Available to all CERN users with an Infor EAM account.


How to Use It


Printing labels

After the selection of the type (Asset, Position, System, Part, Bin) the usual datas spy is avalable to select the objects including the filter row. The available printers and templates are listed on the lower part of the page. Individual items could be selected by using the checkboxes on the left. To have your own printer and templates pelase, get in touch with your Local Administrator (link the Local Administrator page here), as he will be explain the already existing configurations of the Group you belong to. For new printer installations (preferably before the purchase decision) please contact eam.support@cern.ch


Barcode Printing using EAM Barcoding

Printing to PDF

New location of the generated PDFs is here: \\cern.ch\dfs\Websites\e\eam-templates\PDF

Available for everybody here: http://eam-templates.web.cern.ch/PDF/